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Negative SEO, or Google Bowling, is the practice of altering search signals to trigger errors and penalties for certain links within a search engine's index so that mis-information becomes demoted or de-indexed from the search results.

Google is the most used search engine and to safeguard its reputation of supplying superior content, Google hands out penalties easily and often where as rewards from Google, like increased search ranking, is increasingly very difficult to achieve and extremely competitive with businesses outspending one another for the front of the line.

Using strict Google tools and strategies to work in conjunction with crawlers and how they feed data to Google's ranking engine via platforms with stringent penalty filters like Penguin, Hummingbird, and Panda, Negative SEO is an extremely useful and fast acting tool in ensuring proper data appears online and unwanted information is removed.

How we win every time...

Link Research

Intensive link research and strategy is required to ensure proper time expectancy for removal.

Rev up the 'good'

By heavily optimizing current and new positive links, we can replace what gets removed.

Strict monitoring

To guide your campaign in submitting thousands of content links, we provide strict monitoring of each process.


Campaign reporting is crucial to the process. Detailed linking reports are supplied with each campaign.

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We had a 10 year old lawsuit filing lingering online and Rank Junkies removed it in under 6 months. I had tried everything and they took over and got it done. Thank you for restoring my online reputation.

- David Moss

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